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Instructional Initiatives

AMSTI, Math Instruction and Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP)

Exciting news is on the horizon for mathematics teaching and learning in schools affiliated with SPDG.  Schools participating in the most recent SPDG grant that partners with the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) will receive staff development and coaching in order to implement OGAP into Math instruction.

The OGAP project, a Vermont-based program for which some Alabama educators are currently undergoing training, places teachers back in the driver’s seat in designing appropriate instruction for students.  With OGAP, gone are the cookie-cutter lessons and boring drill and practice sessions.  Math is an exciting exploration! 

OGAP provides teachers with the following essential tools to gauge students’ current mathematical readiness and to scaffold them effectively through higher levels of ascendency:

  • Quarterly individual formative assessments to monitor student progress

  • Quick and easy informal formative assessments for determining concept mastery

  • Conceptual frameworks that guide teachers in
       a.  forming flexible student groups
       b.  providing a road map for differentiating assignments
       c.  focusing on specific needs, firmly rooted in student data

  • A Web based Drop Box from which to retrieve student work in specific concept areas.

Math curriculum is centered on four basic conceptual frameworks:  number operations, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning, and proportional reasoning.  Students work toward deep understanding of these concepts, which are the basis for all higher math's, through discovery of patterns, strategic thinking, discussion, and expository writing, as they progress from the concrete to the abstract.  Motivating manipulative, games, and simple devices on appropriate challenge levels virtually guarantee individual participation and intellectual engagement as students interact within a whole or small group setting.  Knowing the answer is not enough with OGAP.  Students learn that multiple paths can lead to problem solution and that knowing how to navigate these pathways is as important as reaching the destination. 

ARI and Alabama Reading Initiative
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