Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools

Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools Professional Development has three components that must be conducted annually for all newly hired teachers, administrators, evaluators, and others, as appropriate. Each LEA is responsible for facilitating Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools training, maintaining a personnel training database, and verifying assessment documents for each of the three components

Component One:
Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools Awareness Presentation


  1. Click and view the presentation below:
    Addressing Disproportionality Presentation


Component Two:
Behavior and Classroom Management
The IRIS Center Module Resources


  1. Review Navigating an IRIS STAR Legacy Module

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  2. Classroom Behavior Management (Part 1): Key Concept and Foundational Practices.
    Work through the sections of this module in the order presented in the STAR graphic. 
    Instructions for completing Section 5 Assessment.
    Use a word document or paper to answer questions 1-5.
    Follow LEA requirements for submitting assessment documents.Related to this module:
  3. Classroom Behavior Management (Part 2-Elementary or Part 2-Secondary): Developing Your Own Comprehensive Behavior Management Plan
    Work through the sections of this module in the order presented in the STAR graphic.
    Complete the assignments in each purple box titled, “Activity”.  The activities can also be found in the Perspective and Resources section of the module. Save your work to the “Behavior Plan Tool”.   In the Behavior Plan Tool click through the tabs at the top of the screen—STATEMENT OF PURPOSE, CLASSROOM RULES, CLASSROOM PROCEDURES, POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES, NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES, CRISIS PLAN, and ACTION PLAN—and follow the accompanying directions to complete each component of your plan. Use the global controls (Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools 1) at the top of the page if you wish to return to the page, or to save or print your plan. Print your plan.  Follow LEA requirements for submitting your completed classroom behavior management plan.


Instructions for completing Sections 5 Assessment.
Use a word document or paper to answer questions 1-5.
Follow LEA requirements for submitting assessment documents.

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Component Three:
Makes Sense Strategies (MSS) Training


  1. Click the link below to access the Alabama State Personnel Development Grant

    Professional Development Documents
    Click the links to download the professional development documents.  Open each document; fill in the details and print.

  2. Makes Sense Strategies (MSS) Professional Development.
    Follow the detailed instructions to complete the MSS video series PD.


Trainees must have access to MSS software to complete the assessment.
MSS copyright agreement with Dr. Edwin Ellis, sole source author of MSS, and the Alabama State Department of Education. Alabama Local Education Agencies (LEAs) have permission to duplicate and/or upload Makes Sense Strategies (MSS) software to a password protected employee intranet network designed solely for employees of the LEA.  Educators employed by an Alabama LEA have permission to duplicate MSS materials for use when teaching their students or providing Professional Learning and/or Trainings to their public-school colleagues in Alabama. It is a violation of the MSS copyright agreement for LEA recipients and users of MSS to provide public access to the software.


ALSDE Professional Development Certificate

Individuals who completed Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Public Schools professional development will provide a certificate to the LEA requiring the training. It is the individual’s responsibility to retain a copy of the professional development certificate and to retain a copy of all professional development documents generated.

Statement of Assurance form The ALSDE requires all LEAs to complete the Statement of Assurance form and retain a copy on file for official use during Focused Monitoring visits.  LEAs are no longer required to send a copy of the Statement of Assurance form to the SDE.

Note:  If you have problems with the certificate, download it to your desktop. Then open the certificate from the saved file.