ALSPDG Virtual Training

Foundations virtual trainings began in January 2021. We have scheduled 24 Foundations sessions, covering refresher/review for Cohorts I and II, and training for Cohort III and the soon-to-be named Cohort IV schools. The CHAMPS and DSC sessions will begin soon.

Although we miss our face-to-face interactions with friends from across the state, we are making good progress.


          Strive for Excellence Organized for Success Attitude Determines Altitude  Respect Yourself & Others

  • DA Smith Middle School’s leadership team created and conducted a PowerPoint Presentation that covered The What & Why of PBIS, the basics of the STOIC Framework, and the critical role Team Elevation will play in our school.
  • During our presentation we shared our first year one goal based on the statistical, observational and perceptual data, which will be creating and implementing a Hallway/Transition Policy.
  • We shared the policy, the one liners, and the staff/student expectations.
  • We also shared the second overall school goal, which is improving classroom management. We created and distributed a classroom management template (based on Champs 5.1) for teachers to complete and turn in to Mr. Davis.
  • We gave every staff member their Team Elevation T-shirts.
  • We also gave every teacher their own copy of the CHAMPS Book.
  • We also discussed who the core members of Team Elevation will be along with their roles and when/where we will meet as we evaluate the effectiveness of our year one goals/policies.
  • We also distributed posters with our Five Core Values to every teacher.
ALSPDG Virtual Training 1
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ALSPDG Virtual Training 3

The presentation was well received, and based upon the observational data up to this point, the teachers have bought in and are implementing the Hallway Policy and the one-liners, and they are turning in their classroom management plans. 

ALSPDG Virtual Training 4
ALSPDG Virtual Training 5