Instructional Videos

3 Compartment Sink
Careers in Baking
Careers in Hairstyling
Careers in the Medical Field
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Do Not Skip Out On Work
Don't Come to Work Sick
Dress for Success
Dry Measurement
Follow Your Supervisors Instructions
Get Along with Your Coworkers
Greet Customers Warmly
Have a Successful Job Interview
Jobs Working with Animals
Jobs Working with Flowers
Keep Food Safe by Wearing Gloves on the Job
Keep Your Important Information Safe
Know The 3 Types of Contaminants
Magic Number 4
Personal Hygiene
Phone Etiquette
Protect Customers With Allergies
Protect Vulnerable Customers
Receiving Food
Refrigerator Storage
Stay Safe by Washing Hands
TCS Foods
Thawing Food
The Danger Zone
Thermometer Calibration
Use FIFO To Store Food
Using a Commercial Dishwasher
Using a Debit Card
Using Knives Safely in the Kitchen
Working with a Point of Sale System
You Can Work and Keep Your Benefits